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Our studio is focused on the relationships we build and friendships we form as well as a high standard of music education.  We are here to teach you what you want to learn and help you reach your individual goals.  Each student is different; thus, so is their lesson plan.  Enjoy individualized teaching.  We won't waste your time going through book upon book of curriculum- learn at your own pace.  Beginner or advanced...We will challenge you and you will excel beyond your expectation.  


Each of our teachers bring a variety of real world and performance experience, as well as formal educational backgrounds.  Whether you are interested in classical performance, worship leadership, cover bands, or composition, we have the teachers for you.  Want to perform or just play for your own enjoyment?  We can accommodate. We offer instruction in the following areas; piano, voice,  Music composition, theory, music history, jazz studies, chording and performance, as well as contest/audition preparation.  In addition, piano tuning and  special event entertainment are available.


Children are our future. For that reason, we are continually expanding our children's programs.  Not only do we offer beginning lessons, we offer group classes where The little ones get to learn the basics of music and have lots of fun in the process - they get to move around, make noise and even learn some music theory along the way. Singing also helps improve children’s language skills and increases their academic success – an added benefit. As students grow and progress, we offer 3 performance/ competing choirs as well as college and adult groups.  


Performance is a vital part of music education.   It increases self confidence and aids in the ability to express personal ideas. It also gives students a goal to work toward which increases their motivation.   For these reasons, we offer many performance opportunities.  Recitals are offered twice yearly and community performances are available throughout the year. 


We are dedicated to providing a relaxed, comfortable environment where students of all ages and abilities can come and learn more about music.  If you would like to learn more about specific programs or teachers, please contact us directly.  We would be happy to visit with you further.  Please, make music a part of your life.


We make Music Fun!

Putting the Keys to Music at Your Fingertips

Come see us and see all the wonderful things we have to offer. Private and group lessons in piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, theory and composition.  Student competitive choirs,   piano tuning,  professional music services and much, much more!







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