Keys to the Music Piano/Voice Instruction/Accompanying Full Teacher Network
Keys to the MusicPiano/Voice Instruction/AccompanyingFull Teacher Network

Lessons are available in 30, 45, and 60 minute increments (we recommend 30 minutes for ages 7 and under) and scheduled on a weekly basis.  Summer term is 8 weeks.  We do not offer biweekly (every other week) lessons.


Students are required to have an instrument of their own to facilitate practice between lessons.  If you need help with that, your instructor will be happy to help.   Most supplemental materials are provided by the studio (this can vary with each individual instructor).  There will be the ocassional need for a music purchase.  Tuners, metronomes and some textbooks will be needed depending on the instructor and program.


Consistent practice is required to study with Mrs Laizure.  Student will not progress if home practice is not a part of study.


Cathy challenges her students.  We do not always teach page by page through curriculum, spending months going through books.  If a student has mastered the objective/piece we move on to something different.  We do our best to mix up styles and let students have a say in what pieces they will be studying.  Many years of teaching has proven that students who like what they are working on will work harder, longer and feel much more productive, see more improvement, and have fun doing it!


*Voice students learn basic piano to allow individual practice.

*Theory classes to reinforce private lessons

*Piano students are taught both chording and music reading as well as scales, modes and improvisation in numerous musical styles.

*Modern technology is a big part of our teaching.  Teaching apps such as Piano Maestro, Music Tutor, Rhythm Lab and many more are used to enhance students' learning.  Students are encouraged to obtain an IPad.  Most music apps are only available on apple not android products.

* Recitals in conjunction with our teacher network are available


We feel it is extremely important to build relationships with our students.  For that reason, we dress casually and encourage conversation.  We are always available to answer questions between lessons.  There is no reason to let a question go unanswered until the next week.  






One-time Registration fee $50 (all new students)


We are structured on a tuition basis and all fees are due the first of every month and paid via auto pay.  

Any declined payments will incur a $25 fee and tuition must be paid in full prior to lessons.


Piano/Voice/Theory with Mrs Laizure

30 minute weekly lessons  $115/mo 

45 minute weekly lessons  $160/mo

60 minute weekly lessons  $200/mo


Students reserve a set weekly time for their lesson.  That time is reserved strictly for that student.  Make up lessons are allowed if 24+ hours notice is given. (All make up lessons must be taken within 30 days of missed lesson.)  Any other situations are at the descretion of instructor.  A minimum number of lessons are required during the summer term in order for students to keep their reserved time.  


We require 30 days written notice if you wish to discontinue lessons for any reason.


We offer prepaid lesson discounts.  

6 month 5%

12 month 10%


We DO NOT give refunds on prepaid lesson packages or overpayments.  Account credit will be issued. 




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